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Yurt with idea bubble

Yurt ’a Genius!

An idea began to take shape – and that shape was round.

In recent years, the growth of the Big Island has spurred a crucial need for practical alternatives to expensive housing. In today’s economy, these issues are felt even more crucially by all of us. A time for creative solutions is at hand. It isn’t time to reinvent the wheel; it’s time to rediscover it!

For thousands of years a structure has been used to accommodate nomadic people in Mongolia. With the strength to withstand extreme weather conditions and the beauty to inspire its occupants day in and day out, Yurts are being rediscovered world wide. Modern manufacturers have modified the ancient design to make these structures available to everyone. Our manufacturer’s superior engineering has enabled us to be able to fully permit these structures as beautiful permant residences, studios and workshops. We at Yurts of Hawaii work to retrofit our client’s yurts so that they work ideally in the varied climates found on our beautiful islands.

With the ever-rising costs of monthly rents many people are being forced to look for other alternatives. Melissa Fletcher decided to explore other options as well, and when she came upon the ancient concept of yurts, she knew she had come upon the solution she had been looking for. Her decision to live in a yurt marked the beginning of passionate dedication to share what she has learned with others.

Today our company offers some of the highest quality and most affordable yurts available, designed and custom made by Rainier Outdoor, whose yurts are undeniably among the best in the industry. We know because we’ve made it our business to know for our clients! Rainier Yurts are engineered to meet or exceed International Building Codes, and we use the strongest materials we can get our hands on to add extra protection against the elements. Our lattice is the strongest available, and we use an aircraft cable tension band that sits on top of the lattice wall. The roof uses premium structural fabrics and walls are made with premium grade fabrics with superior coatings and warranties. Our cinch-seal offers Kevlar removable jib hanks to securely integrate the ceiling, wall, and deck.

Our company is also able to provide a number of other services, including yurt assembly, drafting and permitting, project management, and assistance with all phases, provided through our licensed contractor. Construction, site prep, septic installation, plumbing and electric installation, we do it all!

It’s important to me that people enjoy the experience of buying their yurt as well as enjoy living in their yurt for years to come. Because of that, we work hard to be sure that we are meeting the needs unique to each situation. It’s inspiring to witness the individual genius people bring to these adaptable structures and I love being a part of making these dreams a reality.
—Owner, Melissa Fletcher

Owner, Melissa Fletcher

We look forward to working with you! Aloha~

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