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Standard Yurts Include
  • Rafter to Ring CORR Bracket System
  • Three windows, 7'-2" tall walls, one standard door (6'-8") with glass window
  • Pro-tech valance (Pro-tech wall material is recommended for Hawaii's climates, with the highest UV rating and mold-resistance in the industry)
  • Heavy duty zipper on all windows for tight closure
  • All window flaps can convert to window awnings
  • An exclusive fabric wall to door connection for a solid seal and tight fitted walls.
  • A rain cricket (rain diverter) over every door
  • An exclusive wall to roof lacing system ensuring a strong connection and tight fit.
  • Heavy duty reinforcement at the bottom of wall where the fabric attaches to the platform
  • Smooth, sanded rafter corners to prevent wear and tear on fabric
  • A handcrafted Doug Fir compression ring that is 3" thick and 5' wide
  • A 5' wide dome with a rubber gasket and 6 connection points for a weather tight skylight
  • Use our yurt color builder to explore your options.

    Yurt Color Builder

  • Take a look at our yurt specs document to get more info about how they're put together.
  • Download a printable version of our price list
  • Give us a call to discuss and price various professional services, which include drafting, permitting, site prep, water catchment, yurt set up, construction, plumbing and electric service!
Yurt Diameter Size
Overall Options
  • Our premier roof fabric, is a .040 mil (37 oz.) polymer and carries a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty from Duro-Last. Available in gray, white and tan. This upgrade is recommended for all our yurts here in Hawaii due to high UV exposure.
  • Contrasting color at the bottom of exterior yurt wall.
  • Our insulation packages incorporate Astro-Foil reflective insulation and a washable, flame resistant polyester lining. This creates an ideal vapor barrier and reflects heat in both directions, to keep you warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot.
  • This system utilizes the roof valance, forming gutters which are held in place with custom-made stainless steel hardware. Bulkhead fittings allow drainage. You supply piping and a storage tank of your choice.
  • Deck component: 1/2” x 9” x 12’ recycled composite lumber. Wraps deck to capture lattice.
Hawaiian Climate
  • Big Winds
    Increases wind capacity. 2x4 perimeter studs that connect the end of each rafter, around the circumference, to the floor using heavy duty hurricane straps.
  • Includes Big Wind package, upgrades to 2x6 rafters plus an alloy compression ring, center support system and rafter blocking. Available on 27' & 30' yurts only.
Additional Options
  • Allows installation of a vent through the yurt wall for wood or gas stoves, composting toilet, or dryer. Includes two sheet metal plates, precut to your pipe size and includes a cover for when the outlet is not in use.
  • An 8' section of wall which can be rolled up with a clear vinyl cover.
  • Extra doors are a great way to add needed ventilation.  You can add up to 3 doors, for a total of 4.  *One additional door is a requirement to permit.
  • Beautiful and strong, 42" wide double doors are designed with full window in each side.  Any standard yurt door may be upgraded to a French door.
  • Handsome, heavy duty screen door, crafted from Douglas fir; available for both standard and French doors.
  • Upgrade your door hinges to stainless steel to help resist corrosion in Hawaii's climate. Prices are as follows:
    • Standard Door: $80
    • Standard Screen: $120
    • French Door: $165
    • French Screen: $240
  • Upgrades the dome eye bolts, nuts, and cables to stainless steel to help resist corrosion in Hawaii's climate.
  • Dome Covers
    • A removable screen that you install on the bottom of the dome ring to keep out bugs while providing shade.

  • Allows you to easily raise the leeward side of your yurt dome from floor level using a hand-held winding brace. With a little breeze, an open dome creates a convection effect for enhanced cooling and ventilation. This is the number one option for cooling the yurt.
  • Significantly reduces heat gain and keeps your yurt about eight degrees cooler than a clear dome. The yurt is still flooded with plenty of natural light.
  • A brace that is securely mounted to the compression ring, allowing you to install a ceiling fan beneath the dome.  You supply the fan of your choice.
  • Operable Window and French Door
    Operable windows are 30"x42", wood framed, cedar trimmed, top quality Low-E, double pane crank-open windows. Excellent for egress.
  • Operable sliding window
    Operable window with aluminum slider, wood framed, cedar trimmed, top quality Low-E, double pane glass.
  • These change any window flap into an awning; includes two hinged, adjustable, steel poles with guy ropes and tighteners.
  • Crate Fee

    • - $250 - wait until our next big order to save on your crate fee and shipping cost.
    • - $450 - if you need your yurt sooner, we can order it in a separate order at a higher crate fee and shipping cost.

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